Historical Archives Research Center 歴史アーカイブ研究センター

Historical Archives Research Center 歴史アーカイブ研究センター

Today, testimonies, documents, and other records that enable us to understand the history of the Japanese content industry are becoming increasingly valuable. For this reason, we have established the Historical Archives Research Center to create digital archives of primary documents of Japanese content and culture—including IT, video games, manga, anime, and the internet culture—and to bequeath them to future generations.



  • 2024
    • Oral History

    【Internet culture】 “Father of the Japanese Internet." We interviewed with Dr. Jun Murai.

    On November 22, 2023, we conducted an oral history interview with Dr. Jun Murai, a computer scientist who is known as the "father of the Internet in Japan.” The interview mainly focused on the technology and communities that existed during the early days of the Internet.

    Interviewer: BAN Ryuichiro (Researcher)

  • 2024
    • Event

    On January 28, 2024, we co-hosted "The Present and Future of Japan's Game Archives" online.

    On January 28, 2024, we co-hosted "The Present and Future of Japan's Game Archives" online. The forum’s organizers were following:  the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studie (host), the provisional ZEN University Historical Archives Research Center (co-host), and the Consortium for Game Archives (supported organization). 

    This forum aimed at strengthening the importance of game preservation and collaboration between industry, government and academia. The forum began with an introduction by Koichi Hosoi, director of the Historical Archive Research Center, followed by a keynote speech on "The Practice of Archives Philosophy" by Ken Akamatsu (member of the House of Representatives).

    The latter part featured discussions from industry key figures on the current state and challenges of game preservation from the perspectives of the nation, industry, and academia.

  • 2024
    • Information

    Establishment of the Historical Archives Research Center

    We are pleased to announce the Historical Archives Research Center (HARC) was established on September 30, 2023.

    Our mission of HARC is twofold: firstly, to create comprehensive archives that collect primary resources related to key people, things, and events that have shaped the history of the content industry; and secondly, to make these archival materials available for use by social resources in fields such as research, education, and business creation.

    To learn more about the members of the research center, please click here.


Japan is a leading creator of expressive culture in the modern age. Its content industry has exerted a significant influence on societies across the world, and its modern and comprehensive cultural and creative industry has developed a considerable presence both in Japan and overseas. The mission of the Historical Archive Research Center is to collect from far and wide primary documents that relate to the people, objects, and events that shaped this history; to establish an archive to preserve these documents; and to make these documents available to the public for research, education, business creation, and other social uses.


Director HOSOI Koichi
Deputy Director's MESSAGE INOUE Shinichiro and HAMAMURA Koichi