Historical Archives Research Center 歴史アーカイブ研究センター

Historical Archives Research Center 歴史アーカイブ研究センター


  • 細井 浩一の写真

    HOSOI Koichi, Ph.D.


    HOSOI Koichi is chiefly engaged in creating comprehensive digital archives of various forms of resources for Japanese expressive culture—from historical assets to modern-day pop culture—and promoting the social use of these archives. A prime example is the Game Archive Project (GAP). Launched in the second half of the 1990s as a collaboration among industry, academia, and government, the project aims to ensure the long-term preservation of digital games and related materials.

  • 井上 伸一郎の写真

    INOUE Shinichiro

    Deputy Director

    In 1985, he served as the inaugural deputy editor of the monthly magazine Newtype, before joining The Television Co. in 1987. Since then, he has edited magazines and other publications, and produced anime and live-action movies. In 2007, Inoue was appointed President and Representative Director of Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd., and became Vice President and Representative Director of KADOKAWA CORPORATION in 2019; he now acts as a senior advisor and executive fellow of KADOKAWA CORPORATION. He is honorary president of both the KADOKAWA Anime and Voice Actor Academy, and the KADOKAWA Manga Academy.

  • 浜村 弘一の写真

    HAMAMURA Hirokazu

    Deputy Director

    HAMAMURA Hirokazu has been involved with the weekly video game magazine Weekly Famitsu since its inception in 1986. After being appointed editor of Weekly Famitsu, HAMAMURA served as President and Representative Director of Enterbrain, Inc., and managing director of KADOKAWA CORPORATION. At present, Hamamura combines multiple roles: he is senior advisor for digital entertainment at KADOKAWA CORPORATION, a director of the Japan eSports Union, a director of the Association of Media in Digital, an outside director of GameWith , Inc., and a visiting professor at the College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University.

  • 氷川 竜介の写真

    HIKAWA Ryusuke


    HIKAWA Ryusuke Anime/tokusatsu researcher, professor at Meiji University Graduate School. Director of NPO Anime Tokusatsu Archive Centre(ATAC). Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology. Representative works of the books are as follows; (1997)”20 Nenme no Zanbot 3 (20 Years after Zambot 3) ”: Ohta Shuppan, (2012)”Japanese Animation Guide: The History of Robot Anime”(https://mediag.bunka.go.jp/article/article-16539): Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs, (2015)”Hosoda Mamoru no Sekai: Kibo to Kiseki wo Umu Animation (The World of Mamoru Hosoda: Animation that create Hope and Miracle)”: SHODENSHA, (2023)”A Handbook of 100 Years of Japanese Anime (English Edition)”(https://amzn.to/3UfV3Gg): Kaikai Kiki Co.,Ltd, (2023) “Nihon Anime no Kakushin: Rekishi no Tenkanten to Natta Henka no Kozo Bunseki (Revolution in Japanese Anime: a Structural Analysis of the Changes that made Turning Points in History)”: KADOKAWA.

  • 遠藤 諭の写真

    ENDO Satoshi


    ENDO Satoshi is a principal researcher at KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc., and an advisor for the MIT Technology Review Japan. Endo joined ASCII Corporation in 1985, and was editor-in-chief of the monthly computer magazine ASCII between 1991 and 2002. After serving as a director at ASCII Corporation, Ltd., he assumed his current position at KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc. in 2013. Endo is author of Keisankiya Kaku Tatakaeri (The Tactics and Strategies of Calculator Makers), in which he interviewed pioneers of the Japanese electronics industry, and co-author with NOGUCHI Yukio of General Purpose Technologies .

  • 伴 龍一郎の写真

    BAN Ryuichiro


    BAN Ryuichiro is both an employee of KADOKAWA CORPORATION and President and Representative Director of Ban-Dai Corporation . A former programmer, Ban was a co-founder of Nico Nico Douga and, as Niconico has grown, he has gained experience in a variety of professional fields. These include directing development, project sales, business management, and organizational management. A self-confessed “professional otaku,” Ban has promoted many doujin culture projects, including Comiket and Touhou Project.

  • GONDO Chie


  • MIYATA Yuji, Ph.D.


  • GUNJI Satoshi

    Secretary General

  • OKUMURA Ryoma