Inter-universal Geometry Center 宇宙際幾何学センター

Introduction to the IUT Challenger Prize

Although the IUT theory has already been peer-reviewed and published from a well-established mathematical journal “Publication of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences”, it has not yet been accepted by the world mathematical community, a situation that is extremely rare in the mathematical world.
The reason for this is that the technical hurdles for mathematicians to get to the core of the theory are still very high, and because of this, even more than 10 years after the theory was published, it still takes a great deal of time and effort (even for experienced mathematicians) to understand the contents of the IUT theory.
In light of this situation, in addition to the IUT Innovator Prize by IUGC, the IUT Challenger Prize has been established by Mr. Nobuo Kawakami (founder of Dwango Inc.) personally to award $1 million to the first paper that demonstrates “an essential flaw” in the IUT theory. The review process will be conducted by Nobuo Kawakami at his personal discretion, with the method kept secret, but the paper to be considered must be peer-reviewed and accepted or published from a mathematical journal that is referred to in MathSciNet and has published at least 10 papers on arithmetic geometry in the past 10 years.
This award is being established to encourage as many mathematicians as possible to devote themselves to the core of the theory, and to reward them for their efforts. It is, of course, highly unusual to award a prize for revealing “an essential flaw in the theory.” But we would like to emphasize that it is proposed only in the hope that the current situation surrounding the IUT theory will be overcome and the situation in the mathematical community will be normalized.