Research Project

Nurturing Next-Generation Math Talents:


(Inter-universal Geometry Center)

An opportunity to understand IUT, an extraordinary mathematical theory that came out of Japan. We cultivate and send out to the world next-generation talents well-equipped with mathematical thinking.

Professor, ZEN University / Deputy Director, IUGC

Ivan Fesenko

Ivan Fesenko is a mathematician who holds position at Westlake University in China. He has been appointed as the Vice Director of the IUGC at ZEN University. Fesenko will teach an introductory course on " Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory" at the institute.

Establishment of the World’s First IUT Research Institute

IUT Theory (Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory) is a groundbreaking theory proposed by Professor Shinichi Mochizuki, an arithmetic geometer at Kyoto University, since 2012, which clarifies the complex relationship between addition and multiplication of natural numbers from a completely new perspective. Many young people may remember that Professor Mochizuki made international news when he used IUT theory to solve the ABC Conjecture, an important mathematical problem that was said to be impossible to prove within this century. IUT theory is not on the level of ordinary mathematical theories. It is completely new, brilliant and beautiful, and it has delivered a concrete result: a solution for the ABC conjuncture. Like Einstein's theory of relativity, it will be remembered in human history for hundreds of years to come.

Illustration for one of the main theorems of IUT

ZEN University offers an introductory course in IUT theory for bachelor students, who, after passing all courses, will be more knowledgeable in IUT theory than any mathematics student of any university in the world. Among them, I know that there will be students who develop a particularly strong interest in IUT theory. These young people will then be invited to join the community of dedicated IUT theory researchers.
There will also be IUGC that we will run. We are determined to tackle various challenges non-stop in ways that conventional universities cannot due to regulations and the structures they must comply with. We will collaborate with people from a diverse range of disciplines. In our attempts to create innovative solutions to various numerical problems, we will definitely run into obstacles. How can we overcome these obstacles? By learning from innovators and pioneers in different fields, including various industries in Japan. We will make sure students get inspiration on how to break through obstacles and limitations from many different worlds.
In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is dominated by AI, the importance of learning mathematics cannot be overstated. Leaders worldwide believe that national power cannot grow without the growth of their citizens' mathematical knowledge and mathematical thinking. I encourage young people who are interested in pure mathematics and number theory to come with me to ZEN University and have the courage to focus and understand the IUT theory. Never think, "I can't understand the theory that few in the world understand." Taking a completely different approach to problem solving, not just mathematics, requires the courage to go one step further.