Inter-universal Geometry Center 宇宙際幾何学センター


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    Fumiharu Kato

    Professor Fumiharu Kato earned his Ph.D. in Science from Kyoto University in January 1997. Throughout his career, he has held positions at various universities, including Kyushu University, Kyoto University, Kumamoto University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Specializing in algebraic and arithmetic geometry, specifically rigid geometry (non-Archimedean geometry), Professor Kato has contributed significantly to foundational research in these areas. He has a longstanding friendship with Professor Shinichi Mochizuki, the founder of the IUT theory, and together they witnessed the theory’s development through their private seminars over six years. Besides his academic pursuits, Professor Kato nurtures a love for music, with piano playing and choral singing being his hobbies. During his student time at Kyoto University, he even studied the Saito-style conducting method under a professional conductor. Professor Kato’s diverse interests and talents reflect his deep passion for both mathematics and music.

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    Deputy Director

    Ivan Fesenko

    Professor Ivan Fesenko is a mathematician who worked in Russia, Germany, the UK, Japan and China. He was the winner of the all-Russian High School Mathematics Olympiad in 1979 and was awarded the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society Prize in 1992. He has held professorial positions at St Petersburg University (Russia), the University of Nottingham (UK), the University of Warwick (UK) and Tsinghua University (China), and he is currently a full-time professor in Westlake University in China. He has co-organized over 40 international workshops including 4 workshops on IUT. He authored reviews on the subject, and made contributions, including a joint paper with Shinichi Mochizuki and three other coauthors. Their work provides an extension of IUT theory, establishes effective abc inequalities, and includes a new proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. He worked with 60 PhD students and postdocs, and Caucher Birkar is the 2018 Fields Medalist.

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