Inter-universal Geometry Center 宇宙際幾何学センター


IUT Innovator Prize

The IUT Innovator Prize, starting from 2024 and for a period of 10 years, will be awarded annually to the best paper that includes new and significant developments in the field of IUT theory and its related areas, with prize money ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. The management and evaluation of the IUT Innovator Prize will be carried out by IUGC.

  • Eligibility: Papers that have already been submitted to specialized mathematical journals and have been submitted by self-recommendation or nomination by others, which encompass new versions or applications of the IUT theory, new analyses of the theory’s logical structure, or important contributions in closely related fields.
  • The amount of prize money will be determined based on the novelty and the significance of the paper’s content.
  • The submitted papers will undergo a confidential evaluation conducted by a group of IUT theory experts appointed by IUGC, independently of the peer review process in the target journal. The evaluation results will be determined and announced by IUGC.

The recipient of the first IUT Innovator Prize is planned to be announced at the “1st IUGC Conference (tentative title)” scheduled for April 2024.

IUT Challenger Prize

Please click here for the IUT Challenger Prize, which was personally established by Mr. Nobuo Kawakami (founder of Dwango Co., Ltd.).