The Faculty of Intelligent Information Society is a distinctive department where students develop the skills necessary to thrive in the information society, aiming not only to utilize AI but to master it. Study crosses over six fields : Mathematics, Information, Culture & Thought, Society & Networks, Economy & Markets, and Digital Industries -allowing students to pursue pursue education in both arts and sciences as they desire. Over 250 subjects are scheduled to be available. Classes will primarily consist of pre-recorded on-demand sessions accessible on the internet.

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    Unlike high school education, university-level education goes beyond textbooks, requiring students to gather information, interpret it, and contemplate its application to society. Through the interdisciplinary study of six key disciplines crucial for the intelligent information society, students will develop essential tools to stay ahead, including a universal perspective, critical thinking, and information utilization skills.
  2. 6,480 Number of Videos
    By the time it opens in 2025, ZEN University will have prepared a total of 6,480 10-minute videos, allowing students to freely choose their preferred subjects. By 2027, the university plans to offer a total of 156 subjects with 12,400 videos.Note: The completion schedule is subject to change.
  3. Over 250 courses
    Despite having only one program, the Faculty of Social Informatics, ZEN University will offer over 250 subjects. With the option to choosefrom nearly five times the number of subjects required for graduation (61 subjects), students will be able to tailor their education to their personal interests and needs.


Most of the classes required for earning credits are pre-recorded and available on-demand, allowing you to study at your preferred location and time.
This allows you to earn credits strictly through online learning.

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    On-demand classes

    Each class consists of six 10-minute videos.

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    Exam credit

    Exam credit system

    After completing 15 classes, students take a credit accreditation exam.

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    Earning credits


    Credit will be awarded only upon achieving the required points in the credit accreditation exam.